Rules & Regulations

Thank you for choosing Willow River or Lake Mallalieu Apartments as your new home. It is our goal to make your experience with us a positive one. Therefore, these Rules and Regulations have been implemented to make your community a pleasant place for everyone. The Rules and Regulations are one of the addendums to your lease as referred to in your lease contract. Violation of any of these community policies can result in termination of your rental agreement. These policies may be added to, amended, or repealed at any time by the management.

Payment of Rent

All rent is due and payable on or before the first day of the each month. (Late fee is $50.00 after the 5th of the month). Rent check is to be made payable to the Resident’s respective property:
Willow River Apartments
Lake Mallalieu Apartments

Mail rent check to the business office at:
P.O. BOX 3
Or Place in OFFICE Drop Box by mail boxes at Willow River or in Main Entry of Building 208 Lake Mallalieu Apts

Renters Insurance

Residents must have renters insurance. The insurance is relatively inexpensive and will cover damage if an unfortunate event such as fire, flood, roof leaks, or burglary were to occur. We are not responsible for damage to your personal belongings. More about Renter’s Insurance

Damage Deposits and Notice to Vacate

Notice to vacate must be in writing and hand delivered or mailed to the business office. It must be postmarked before the first day of two preceding months. For example, if you intend to vacate on July 31, your letter must be postmarked May 31 or before. When singles share an apartment, each party is responsible for the others rent. Any new roommates must fill out an application, be approved and sign the lease before moving in. Damage deposit will be returned within 21 days after the expiration of the rental agreement. It will be all or partly returned, depending on the condition of the apartment at the time of vacating. Any cleaning that needs to be done will be charged at the rate of $20.00 per hour. Damage deposit CANNOT be applied to the last month’s rent. Tenant shall not allow anyone other than the members of his own family to occupy the apartment as a home without the written consent of the management. Every tenant must, upon termination, return all keys issued to him or her. The management shall have the right to enter the apartment at reasonable times to examine the premises or make repairs or improvements, and may at any time after tenant has given notice to vacate, show the apartment to persons proposing to rent it.

DEATH CLAUSE: Should tenant die during lease term, tenant is liable for that total month’s rent and shall continue to be liable for rent due through the end of 2 calendar months following the month in which tenant dies. (Estate may break the Lease with a Written 60 day calendar day notice.)

Healthy Living

Tenants shall not make or permit any improper noise in the building, or interfere in any way with other tenants. No pets shall be kept in or about the premises without prior approval of management. A Pet Agreement must be on file in our office prior to obtaining any pet. Children must not be allowed to play in the public halls, laundry rooms or elevator. The sidewalks, entries, halls and stairways shall not be obstructed by tenants or used by them for any other reason than entering or leaving their respective apartments. Bicycles, tricycles, baby carriages, shoes, boots, rubbers, overshoes, etc. shall not be left therein. The toilets shall not be used for any other purpose other than those for which they were constructed. No rubbish, garbage, or other improper substances shall be thrown therein. Any damage resulting from their misuse shall be borne by the tenant. Tenant shall be responsible for any glass breakage or damage to the premises caused by them. The tenant will be held responsible for any water damage caused by leaving the windows open during inclement weather. Special care must be taken with fiberglass tub and showers. Only recommended cleaners may be used. Never use abrasive cleaners. Never use abrasives on Formica counters or marble wash basins. Live Christmas trees are not permitted because of fire hazard. Do not “buzz” anyone into the building that you do not know, or allow anyone to enter with you who you don’t know if they don’t have a security door key. Do not prop the security doors open. Please recycle your newspapers, cans, bottles and plastic in the appropriate containers. Do not attach any adhesive backed hooks or other items to ANY surface within the apartment. Bedroom windows come out for cleaning by pulling down clips on Left/right side of each window and pulling out.

Absolutely no smoking in common areas, laundry rooms & hallways. Willow River and Lake Mallalieu Apartments are SMOKE-FREE PROPERTIES – absolutely NO SMOKING in individual units.

Pest Control

A Resident is required to notify Management immediately of any suspected or certain pest problem. The suspected pest problem could be in the Resident’s unit, in a common area or in a neighbors unit. Failure of Resident to do so is a violation of the Lease. Residents must not bring used furniture, particularly bed frames, mattresses, and stuffed furniture into the building unless certain they are free from any insects and eggs. Reducing clutter, regularly vacuuming, regularly removing garbage and following building rules regarding apartment care and sanitation standards are all required pest prevention practices. No bird feeders are allowed on decks or patios. Do not throw bird seed, peanuts pet food, etc., on the property grounds. This causes unwanted wildlife such as opossums, raccoons and rodents, etc. to come looking for food. These animals carry a variety of diseases. They are wild animals and are able to forage for their own food. You can prevent creating an issue if all trash and garbage items are removed from your apartment on a daily basis. **For a complete list of Pest Control Rules, please see your lease packet or contact Management Office for a copy.

Smoke Alarms

Your smoke alarm must be operable at all times. Please do not remove the battery. Removing the battery is a violation of your lease agreement. Please report any malfunctions at once.

Porches and Patios

All porches and patios will be kept swept and free from trash Porches are to be free and clear. No motorcycles, bikes, toys, trash containers, towels, brooms, mops, furniture, clothing, clothes lines, etc. are allowed. Items in patio areas are to be kept below the railing line to insure a uniform look throughout the property. No clothing, towels, mops, rugs, etc. are to be hung over balcony rails. Only furniture intended for outdoor use can be left on porches. Metal folding chairs, etc. are not acceptable. Only planters containing live, healthy plants are allowed on patio areas. Grilling on decks and storage of charcoal on decks is not permitted to avoid fire hazard.

Parking Lot

Garage doors will be kept closed and locked. There will be no washing or repairing of cars on the premises, including changing oil. The speed limit for driveways is 5 M.P.H., and we urge you to drive in a courteous and careful manner on the adjoining streets. Do not leave old tires or furniture by the dumpsters, the trash haulers will not take it. Do not drive on the lawn. Residents with more than one (1) vehicle (limit 3 per apartment) that is not of primary use MUST be parked in the overflow lot next to the center garage. This will free up parking space in front of both buildings, improve snow plowing maintenance and avoid towing of vehicles. (Lake Mallalieu only) ALL vehicle information must be given to the office and continuously updated to avoid towing of unidentified vehicles. ALL vehicles must be registered and in running condition to be in the parking lot. Vehicles that are not registered or in running condition may not remain in the parking lot. Please arrange to have the vehicle moved elsewhere or they WILL BE TOWED at the owner’s expense.

After a snow fall, please be considerate and move any vehicles to the overflow parking area, garage or designated street parking by 7:00 a.m.  (Lake Mallalieu only) This will allow for clearing of snow from the parking lot. *Our contractor will plow and clear all areas when the snow is 2 inches deep. All work will be completed by 6:00 A.M. or within 8 hours of the storms completion. If it is still snowing they will return to complete the service. Recreational vehicles (i.e. boats, trailers, RV’s, etc.) are NOT permitted to be parked anywhere in the lot without consent from Management. ALL visitors must park their vehicles in the overflow lot (Lake Mallalieu only) NO PARKING in NO PARKING ZONES & NO BLOCKING DRIVING LANES. SPECIAL NOTE:If you are leaving for an extended period of time PLEASE notify the office and park the vehicle(s) in your garage in overflow lot.


**This provision applies to Willow River and Lake Mallalieu Apartments only** No animals are allowed on property except for those who have signed animal agreements and have paid animal deposits per pet. UNAUTHORIZED ANIMALS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Residents that have signed animal agreements with their leases must abide by the agreement. No guests are allowed to keep an animal on the premises without the consent of management. “Fido” Stations are stocked with biodegradable bags for you to use to pick up your pet’s waste and are located in the following locations: 1. Behind the West garage of Building 206 & is clearly marked with a sign & a green “Fido” box. 2. On the East side of Building 208, West of the Willow River Building, at the edge of the turnaround near the lake. There is a grassy spot where you may choose to “potty” your dog or just grab a bag & walk your dog elsewhere. All animals will are to be kept on a leash when outside resident’s apartment.

Common Neighbor Courtesy

Please help keep our community looking nice. This is your home as well as the others; please help us keep it an enjoyable place to live. Keep in mind that community living is different from a private dwelling. Although one must expect a certain amount of noise, one must not infringe on a neighbor’s good disposition. The conduct of residents, occupants, and resident’s guests should not be disorderly, boisterous, or unlawful and not disturb the rights, comforts, or convenience of other persons in the community. Please be aware of others on this property. This is a community effort and not an individual property. The facility is for everyone to use. Please be courteous and share the arena. Loud music or parties will not be tolerated. Any reports of a disturbance will be handled by the police. Residents, occupants, and guests of residents involved in a disturbance, or causing a disturbance, will be subject to eviction, and all other remedies provided in the lease, and prosecuted to the full extent allowed by law. Loud music is not to be played from a vehicle with windows and/or doors open while parked in the parking lot. Any violations your guests commit, you are held responsible for, and you as a resident will pay for their mistakes. All common areas, such as patio entryways, parking lots, etc. are subject to all rules, policies, and regulations are to be complied with in their entirety. If any community rule, policy, or regulation is violated more than three times, the resident will be subject to a notice to vacate or eviction. Each violation notification is submitted in writing and is subject to a fine after the third warning, an eviction notice will be served. Common sense and courtesy go a long way.

Occupancy and Transfer Policies

Residents may not exceed two persons per bedroom. If additional occupants cause such occupancy standard to exceed during the lease term residents must either (1) Move into another dwelling of the owner that has more bedrooms and is available for rent at the time the current lease expires, or (2) move out at the time the current lease expires. The rent for the larger dwelling, if available, will be the rental rate at the time of the new lease, of course. A residents’ right of possession may be terminated during the lease term for lease violations as set forth in the lease or as provided by law.

Transferring to another dwelling is an option under the following conditions (1) Fulfill at least one full lease term (2) Fill out an application for approval under current rental qualifications. (3) Give us preferably 30 days to prepare your new unit. (4) Pay the Transfer Fee (if applicable) (5) Transferring to a specific unit is based upon current availability.

We appreciate your cooperation in turning the apartment over in good condition.