Apartment Rental Application

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An applicant is any person who will live in the apartment or who will make or guarantee rent payments for the persons living in the apartment.

Maximum Persons Per Unit: 1 Bedroom – 2 persons allowed ; 2 Bedroom – 4 persons allowed

  • Each applicant (over the age of 18) must fill out an application completely. (Alternative: Each set of adult applicants with the same rental history and shared financial resources may fill out one joint application). If an application is incomplete, we will notify you that the application will not be processed. If any information on the application is false, the application will not be approved.
  • We require applicants to have a monthly income of two and one half times the rent or to show that they have successfully paid a higher portion of their income for rent for at least one year. These are NOT Section 8 or Subsidized properties.
  • For Willow River applicants only: One person in each apartment must be age 55 or older.
  • Applicants must have a successful rental history. If you have been evicted from a previous apartment during the past two (2) years due to non-payment of rent, or for behavior that includes causing disturbance, threatening other persons, damaging an apartment or other reason, your application will not be approved.
  • We reserve the right to deny rental applications or tenancy to any person convicted of a crime involving the sale of unlawful drugs, violence, threats of violence, moral turpitude or abuse of minors, and further reserve the right to confirm the accuracy of an applicant’s statements with respect to criminal history.  A  Felony conviction for drugs or violence in the last five (5) years will result in the denial of the application.


  1. Credit report, as it relates to total debts, rent and utility payments, bankruptcies and judgments against you.
  2. Amount of income: If you are self-employed, we ask that you submit the previous two (2) years tax forms.
  3. References from two (2) previous landlords, to determine an applicant’s rental payment history and behavior. We will check two (2) non-family references (such as teachers and employers) for applicants who do not have a rental history. Conditional approval may apply in the case of no rental histroy.
  4. Court eviction records from the county where you lived during the past two (2) years, to determine whether you have been evicted for any reason.

We cannot process your application without the following documents!

  • Your driver’s license and auto insurance certificate.
  • Social Security Card or official document with printed name and SSN (i.e. W-2 or other tax document)
  • Any references want to provide
  • A recent payroll stub or proof of income if retired
  • Documentation of any other income you wish us to consider; such as a pension or child support.
  • A recent bank statement.

We require an earnest money deposit equal to the full security deposit to be submitted with every completed application.  If your application is not accepted, the deposit will be returned to you immediately.

A non-refundable application fee of $25 is charged per applicant.

*Credit cards are not accepted at this time*